The Original Patented  All Sport Tape Measure from  SAQPAQ ®  is a'must-have' for coaches, athletic trainers & athletes setting up Speed,  

 Agility and Quickness (SAQ) drills.  Using the All Sport Tape Measuretakes the guesswork out of converting feet to yards and centimeters to meters.  All the markings are there in a larger than standard tape measure, with clear and more visible marks that can be seen from longer distances. 


It contains everything you need to quickly and accurately measure out and set up speed, agility and quickness drills for all types of sports. You'll save time and effort and you can set up drills by yourself.


The  All Sport Tape Measure includes:

  • Tape measure device (available in 50 and 100 yard/meter lengths)
  • Tent style stake for use to set up drills
  • Patented “PIVOT” end for setting up multi point/directional drills


Hunters also like it so they can set up their bow practice range and marks distances in their hunting area.



  • Quicker set-up allowing more reps for athletes
  • Only one person needed for set-up
  • Accurate measurements so athletes can be sure they're

           practicing in an environment comparable to the one they'll

           ultimately be tested in - i.e. a football combine setting

  • Takes the "guesswork" out of setting up athletic drills
  • Set up your drills from a single "pivot" point.  (Available only from  SAQPAQ ®) 
  • Multiple stations set up quickly and easily



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 measures up to 50 yards  $39.99



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measures up to 100 yards  $59.99