ABOUT The All Sport Tape Measure


While managing a premier Athletic Training Center in the Baltimore/Washington area, it troubled me how the speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) drills were set up.  Trainers sometimes “stepped off” or estimated distances between the cones or hurdles to set up drills.  It was quick and easy, but distances weren’t accurate.

Athletes preparing for College or Pro Combines need to know what to expect of themselves when they get to that combine.  Often they’re puzzled when their times at the combines aren’t comparable to what they’ve been achieving in workouts. These athletes need to work out with accurate measurements.  

Consistency between the training environment and the controlled environment is important. It makes for an optimal training experience and gives athletes the needed confidence when going to combines, showcases, etc.

So I thought, "if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem" and devised the All Sport Tape Measure from  SAQPAQ ®. This patented device includes measurements marked in yards and meters. It allows coaches and trainers to quickly set up accurately measured drills and it only takes one person for set up.

Use the tape in the youth sports area setting up:

  • Practice fields
  • Playing fields
  • Multiple cone “attack/retreat” drills
  • Change of direction drills, etc.

Athletic trainers can use the device to set up their training groups in any open space area, quickly and easily, saving time while allowing the athletes to “warm up” while the drills are being set up.

The uses for the  All Sport Tape Measure  from  SAQPAQ ®     are limitless.